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In this day and age new media has almost completely replaced old media such as face-to-face communication, telephone calls and the good old hand-written letter. With so many new gadgets and gizmos to choose from, it’s almost hard to imagine why anyone would not hop on board the new media train. After all, our lives are busier than ever these days and new media is perfect for such lifestyles. Though I primarily use new media as my main communication method, I have not entirely abandoned old media. Here is a list of my communication methods and with whom they are used.

  1. Telephone: Although it used to be my main method of communication, the telephone is now reserved mainly for very special and important people in my life (mainly due to the time difference in Hawaii). Let me add that there are not very many people in this category. When I call people it’s for a couple reasons: 1) I like them and enjoy our conversations, which could never be accurately transmitted through any other medium. 2) There are a few people (my mom and favorite cousin) that it’s almost impossible for me to imagine not talking on the phone everyday, even if we have nothing “new” or “exciting” to talk about talking to them is a part of my daily ritual. Additionally, I use the telephone to conduct formal business, to include but not limited to doctors, my son’s kindergarten teacher, etc.
  2. FaceBook: FaceBook has almost become my primary means of communication…for many reasons. Since it was initially a site for college students, FaceBook is a place where I interact with a lot of my current and past classmates and professors as well. FB makes it easy to converse with my classmates quickly and easily about classes and assignments that may be due. I have also gotten back in contact with a lot of my former high school classmates. I communicate with them through FB because almost any other way would be entirely too personal. I use FB when I DON’T want to “personally” communicate with someone OR if I know a person is more easily reached through FB than say the telephone.
  3. Email: I use to email people ALL the time! Until FB came along that is and emails got replaced with FB messages instead. Now I mainly email my professors b/c for most of them that is their preferred communication method. And as a student it allows me to keep an paper trail, if you will, of important conversations that may occur between us. I also email my classmates when necessary, such as if I’m asked to email notes or something like that.
  4. Text: I text everybody except my mom and that’s because she doesn’t have texting on her phone. Texting is so convenient and can be done under almost all circumstances. Often times I text in class…if it’s boring * Kanye Shrug * Texting is fun and people are less inhibited in texts than when talking on the phone, which makes it more exciting. Getting the right text from the right person can make your day. And the good thing about it is you can relive it as many times as you want. Texts are also good when you don’t have much to say. There’s nothing worse than just holding the phone because the person on the other end has absolutely nothing to say. A text message avoids that awkwardness and gets straight to the point!
  5. Skype: Skype has quickly become one of my favorite ways to communicate! It is so much fun and way better than just talking on the phone. I think video chatting will soon become the preferred communication method for most people in the very near future. As of now I Skype mainly with family. Since I live on this island, it’s an easy and free way to interact with family/close friends and for them to see my little ones. However, I also Skype with people that I’ve established a rapport with online. Meaning, I don’t really have to “know” someone in order to Skype with them. Often times if I find myself bored, I will send out an invitation for people to Skype with me via FB and Twitter.
  6. Twitter: Twitter is for the 140 people that are currently following me and is all fun and games for me. Through Twitter I connect with a FEW classmates, other bloggers, people with similar interest and celebs I find interesting. Tweeting during my favorite shows, award shows or other big televised events is also a must! Twitter is interesting because it’s full of many different people, thoughts and ideas and it is CONSTANTLY updated as people are always tweeting!
  7. Face-To-Face: I’m a busy person. At this phase of my life, the only people who are privy to this communication style are my professors, classmates and those that I live with.

My primary communication styles reflect the fact that I am a busy individual. Even though I do appreciate some old media styles (such as the age old handwritten letter) most of them do not fit in with my lifestyle. If you want to reach me, FB, Tweet, email or text/BBM (BlackBerry Messenger) me. All of those things are connected to my phone, and my phone is always with me!




  1. I love this!!!! I am a facebooker!! lol

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