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What I’m Giving Up For Lent

It’s that time of the year again and Lent is upon us. While I may not be a practicing Catholic, I went to a Catholic school when I was growing up and I was baptized Catholic so….some of the Catholic practices have stuck with me over the years.

Last year I gave soda, but that only lasted for….a day, if that. This year, I’ve decided to give up soda again, but I’m sticking to it this year. Additionally, I’ve decided to give up some more profound things.

In addition to soda, I’ve decided to give up negativity and the grudges that I’m currently holding. More specifically, I need to be more aware and careful of the words that I speak. Words are powerful and in an effort to “Keep It Real,” often times I have a poor choice of words. So I’m just going to speak positivity, not just for 40 days, but hopefully this will be a long term thing.

As for my grudges, there are at least two people in my life that I currently have a grudge against. I’m going to make every effort to be nice to these people and treat them the way I should’ve been all along. No doubt they’re gonna be surprised and taken back by my initial efforts but, in the long run I think things will change for the better.

What are you giving up for Lent?

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Often times you hear people go on and on about how they don’t care about what other people think about them. I don’t think people are being 100% truthful when they say that though. I absolutely care about how people perceive me. Those thoughts can potentially have an effect on my job and other things.

A few weeks ago I did an impromptu survey amongst friends and associates (that I’ve known of varying lengths)  asking them to describe me in one word. I received the following responses:

  1. Smart
  2. Indecisive
  3. Determined
  4. Committed
  5. Spoiled
  6. Photoholic
  7. Interesting, But I will also add that ONE word is a disadvantage cause you are much MORE!
  8. Beautiful
  9. Valiant
  10. Special
  11. It’s a tie between cool and sweet
  12. Real
  13. Ambitious
  14. Original
  15. Happy, motivated, smart and a self starter
  16. Private
  17. Strong came to mind first, then persistent. I guess a culmination of the two. You go out and get what you want , never wait for it.
  18. Sexy, determined or resilient. You pick one.
  19. Boss
  20. Determined
  21. Excellent because everything that you seem to achieve and accomplish despite the fact that you’re alone and a mother.
  22. Awesome
  23. Supermom, caring, loving, smart, dedicated
  24. Vain
  25. Proper

Ultimately what I think about myself is the most important, but it’s always great when the people who know you, view you as you view yourself. I agree with all of the above descriptives! Even if you “don’t care,” I think it’s a good idea to do a self assessment every now and then 🙂

What do people think of you and do you agree or disagree with their thoughts??


1st Graders AND Sex…

Just like any other day, on Friday I was waiting at the bus stop for my kids. Usually, they get off and hop in the truck, but that day…my son informed me that the bus driver wanted to talk to me. Immediately I was on edge. What did my kids do on the bus I wondered? The bus driver informed me that, a 4th grader told him that MY son and the girl he was sitting with, were on the bus talking about sex. Wait a minute….say what? o_O Did he really just say what I think he said?

He said that although he didn’t hear it for himself, he felt like his source was reliable and that he’d look into further on Monday and if necessary, I’d be contacted by the school.

Once I was in the truck, I casually asked my son what they were talking about on the bus today. Without hesitation, he blurted out “Tristana was trying to have sex with me on the bus!” Instantly, I knew that I would indeed be speaking to someone further about this matter! And because of that, I quickly whipped out my phone and had him start his story over again while I videotaped him. Why the videotape? Mainly so that I could compare it against his future tellings of this story & I wanted to capture his genuine recollection of the incident while it was fresh on his mind.

Here’s what my son had to say about the incident…

Now…as most parents do, I believe my son….and not just because he’s MY son. He’s new to this school, but almost as soon as he got here he was telling me about these two girls on the bus who were “In love with him” and always fighting over him. He would even often say how the girls liked him too much. He’s a cute kid and girls are always all over him so, I never really paid much attention to it, but now…it all seems to make sense.

My initial thoughts after hearing his version of the story was, “Man…these little girls sure are fass these days!” I’m trying not to pass judgement prematurely though, so I’m going to wait until I speak with this girls parents. I’m thinking we need to have a sit down with the kids present!

I know that kids are starting to explore sex at younger ages, but…FIRST GRADE?!? That seems a bit too early in my opinion, but perhaps I’m wrong!


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30 Day Music Challenge: Day 10 A Song That Makes Me Fall Asleep.

This song doesn’t really make me fall asleep…but I can fall asleep to it, and most, if not all, of  Alicia Key’s songs. Put simply the melody is beautiful, the lyrics are meaningful and it really makes you put things into perspective!

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30 Day Music Challenge: Day 9 A Song I Can Dance To

Anyone who knows me knows that I cannot dance! Seriously, God must’ve given my “Rhythm” gene to a white girl, but I don’t have any. But one dance I CAN do is the cupid shuffle and I make sure I do it every time it comes on since it’s one of the only dances I can do without looking stupid lol!

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30 Day Music Challenge: Day 8 A Song I Know ALL The Words To…

This song came out in 2004 and I’ve loved it from the first time I heard it. Over the years, I’ve never stopped listening to this song. I’m a hopeless romantic at heart and the lyrics of this song encompasses everything that true love is! Between the lyrics and Tamia’s gorgeous voice, this song is definitely a winner 🙂

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30 Day Music Challenge: Days 6 & 7 (Catching up…Again lol)


Once you learn it, the Army song is pretty hard to forget completely! When I hear this song, I think of AIT & Basic Training and the good times I had while there with my fellow battle buddies 🙂



When I joined the Army in 2003, in the midst of the war, it was not for patriotic reasons. For the longest time not only did I not consider myself patriotic, I didn’t even think my service counted for much. But actually serving in the war changed my perspective on things and I realized that every soldier, no matter their role, is not only important, but plays a huge part in any war. When I hear this song, I think of the war, our troops, the casualties, the survivors and anyone who has been affected by the war.